The music and humour tie together to create a vivid emotional memory of what it is like to be leaving childhood and entering into a wilderness of unknowns. It is thrilling territory, a newly awakening sexuality that demands attention and a set of rules that seeks to govern it. The voice of the camp councillor warning the young women that disobedience will be met with punishments, like back of the line at breakfast. The rebel who pretends to be disinterested, the one who has just discovered ‘boys’ and their treachery.. stealing the dairy with the strategy.

The sister who leads the others away from temptations of a co ed bible camp.. with prayer and bizarre understanding of theology and the punishments that await those who stray.

Spice girls, bubble gum and the perennial weirdness of  becoming a ‘teen ager’ at a bible camp. This show has layers, like all good comedy, there is the courage to be, to overcome.. and the THE GREAT PILLOW WAR OF ’96. is a great show!!

Cast & Crew

Olivia Raine
Tessa Jenkyns
Carly Rackal
Ciera Fredborg
Samantha Sage: Stage Manager


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