How free are you…. really.

What is Psychological Autonomy?

When: Dec 8.  at 7 PM – 9 PM

Where: The Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre
609 Dufferin Avenue, Saskatoon

In a rapidly changing culture exploring everything from polyamory to aphorisms on the strange internal algorithms we use to allocate attention to self-directed freedom.. where social media comprises a virtual village square where we meet, shop and seek fulfilment. What is it to be autonomous, to have the freedom to act in our our own best interests from a true sense of self – rather than a manufactured or adopted self. Our very existence is predisposed upon a sense of a free self, one able to make choices…and act upon them. Time to get all meta and spend some free time contemplating what it is to be free… in our minds.

“In this talk, we will discuss the history of the idea, reflect on the structure and function of psychological autonomy, its development and regulation, and finally its consequences for everyday life. The existential problem made real by human consciousness can be addressed by reflecting on the concept of psychological autonomy.”

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