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Roncy and Parkdale is the place to be for health and wellness - and a new haircut

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The Definitve article on
Groundhog Day
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Welcome to Parkdale/Roncesvalles

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Roncesvalles Roncesvalles

Myneighbourhood.ca is a guide to entertainment, services and business at a local level in Toronto west.

Parkdale Roncesvalles Parkdale
Parkdale Parkdale Parkdale Parkdale Parkdale Parkdale Parkdale Parkdale
MyNeighbourhood happenings
Parkdale From Pop to Puccini - a variety concert Oct 24th
Parkdale Eclectic Cabaret at Tintos oct 22
Parkdale BlueGrass Mondays at the LOCAL

Electoral dysfunction?

The Bank Stops here

read more

Watts UP!

pedal power stage a success! The pedal power stage joined the Parking Meter Party on Sunday Sept 21 at Trinity Bellwoods.

Starlings, a Shakesperean plot gone amok?     

Starlings are beginning to cluster, readying for a migration that goes nowhere. However some starlings from farther north do rather enjoy the winters in Toronto so you often see large clusters of them cackling and having a grand old time under the beams of the Gardiner during the colder months. read more

Beautiful Bike Fridays at Be There or B-Square! That's the last Friday of every month. The whole point is to encourage biking as a healthy form of transportation and to mingle with like-minded folk. So ride your bike to work and enjoy a much-needed cup of fairtrade joe on the house



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